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Regarding the development of regional customs clearance integration reform in Guangdong announcement

Regarding the development of regional customs clearance integration reform in Guangdong announcement
Important for the implementation of regional coordinated development of national strategies to accelerate the close economic ties Regional customs integration pace of reforms to create a more fair and equitable environment for import and export import and export enterprises, effectively improve the efficiency of customs clearance, effectively promote trade facilitation, Customs General Administration decided Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Gongbei, Shantou, Huangpu, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang Customs (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong region customs) to start regional customs clearance integration reform, the establishment of regional customs clearance center, build a unified reporting platform, risk control platform, professional examination single platform and field orders platform, formed in Guangdong customs clearance covers the whole process of the integrated management mechanism and mode of operation to achieve the integration of clearance operations in Guangdong Province. The announcement is as follows:
       1. As from September 22, 2014, first enable the integration of regional customs clearance for customs clearance in the Guangdong region by air, sea ports; since December 1, 2014, enabled customs clearance at land crossings.
       Second, in Guangdong customs clearance regional integration for customs clearance of goods suitable for enterprises in Guangdong Province in the Guangdong region at customs import and export. Guangdong China Enterprises can choose to register business units, the actual entry and exit of cargo customs declaration or a centralized point directly under the Customs declaration handling, taxes and checkpoints procedures.
       Enterprises according to the actual needs, choose the port clearance, transit, "territorial declaration, port clearance," "local declaration, territorial release", regional customs clearance integration of any kind of customs clearance.
       Third, the declaration cancel in Guangdong enterprises engaged in cross-customs restrictions customs services, allowing enterprises declaration, "a registered province declaration" in the Guangdong region. Declaration enterprises in Guangdong region Renyi Hai branches off the record, can engage in customs services Customs in Guangdong Province.
       Fourth, the Guangdong customs area mutual recognition of pre-classification of goods, the price of pre-audit, pre-determination of origin and recognized professional results licenses, classification, and prices as well as the temporary entry and exit and other administrative licensing decisions; After the system is perfect, in total bank guarantees and tax basis of the summary of the project, the enterprise of a tax guarantee mutual recognition of common areas in Guangdong Customs.
       Fifth, in Guangdong customs clearance regional integration declarations audit, tax bill printing, nuclear injection tax write-off, there is no paper transfer paper, summary trial taxation and other operations handled according to existing regulations.
       Sixth, in Guangdong customs clearance regional integration declarations by the enterprises according to the actual needs of the logistics, to choose at the port or territorial customs supervision, to perform the inspection. To be forwarded to the diversion of territorial supervision, to perform the inspection, entry and exit of goods and means of transport should meet the regulatory requirements of customs transit.
       Seven, the Guangdong region rely on electronic customs clearance information goods for appearance (library area) procedures, to achieve bayonet automatic nuclear release.
       Eight, in Guangdong Customs through the "China Customs online service hall" and customs, "12360" hotline, providing clearance, manifest status inquiries, consulting and other public services difficult.
       Special announcement.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           General Administration of Customs
                                                                                                                                                                                                        September 9, 2014